1200 tons caisson pouring on water

Hidrobeton Ltd, Plant Burgas finishes pouring of 1200 tons caisson.

Caissons are marine facilities, intended for quays and places for deep draft vessels. They are hollow inside which makes them float. They are tugged with barge to the intended place and sunk by filling the inside cells with rocks.

The concrete mixture quality, as well as its processing, are of great importance not to allow leakage of water and untimely sink of the caisson.

An important part of the last pouring process, when the caisson is on the water, is that the concrete mixture has to be poured steadily with two concrete pumps. This prevents tilting of the caisson.

We use XS3 C35/45 concrete according to BDS EN 206:2013+A1:2016/NA:2017, produced from CEM III/A 42.5 N slag cement which ensures its long operation life in constant contact with sea-water.

This is not the first such project for the company. The constant product quality, employees’ high qualification and modern machines make Hidrobeton the preferred partner for construction of complex, responsible and large-scale projects.