High early strength concrete

In order to reduce the construction time of building structures, it is necessary to use high early strength concrete. For delamination, the pressure strength needs to be greater than 80 – 90% of the design one. This requires the use of specially formulated and proprietary concrete that provides high strengths at an early age. In the world of practice, these special concretes are increasingly used to allow rapid, efficient and economical construction.

The advantages of high early strength concrete are the following:

  • Construction time is decreasing
  • Costs for construction equipment, shuttering, etc. are reduced. The costs for personnel are optimized
  • The durability of the structure is increased
  • Meets the requirements of BDS EN 206:2013+A1:2016/NA:2017


  • Horizontal concrete elements with shuttering (slabs)
  • Vertical concrete elements (washers, columns, walls)
  • External and internal flooring