High strength concrete

In construction, there has been long-term tendency to develop concrete with a higher pressure strength. On one hand, the pressure strength is the basic main feature for concrete structures, on the other hand, a number of other properties such as: durability, frost resistance, chemical and mechanical loads, etc., are improved by a high strength.

Concretes with a compressive strength class up to C50/60 are so-called standard concrete. Strengths with pressure class C55/67 to C100/115 are classified as high strength. Above these compressive strengths, the concrete is extremely high and abbreviated as UHPC.

High strength structures allow new architectural and creative solutions in residential, commercial and infrastructure projects such as skyscrapers, bridges, tunnels, oil platforms and more.


  • Skyscrapers – washers, columns, plates
  • Bridges, tunnels – reinforced concrete stressed elements with a large support distance
  • Chemical storage tanks